Owens Corning

About Owens Corning Oakridge? Shingles

Oakridge shingles have a warm, inviting look in popular colors for a step up from the traditional 3 tab shingles.


*not available in all areas

Also Available

TAMKO Building Products

About Tamko

Tamko offers a complete line of singles that delivers the cut, color, and coverage that not only allows you to express your style as a homeowner but also helps protect your most valuable asset.

Heritage shingles replicate the beautiful, natural aesthetics of wood shakes, at a lower cost, without the fire susceptibility of real wood.

Tamko shingle lines

  1. Heritage creates a classic wood-shake look
  2. Heritage creates a classic wood-shake look
  3. Heritage premium creates a classic wood-shake look
  4. Heritage woodgate features wider cut conveys a rugged yet refined wood-shake look
  5. Heritage vintage enhances the beauty of any roof with striking cuts and angular lines.

Tamko complete roof performance product line

  1. Ice & rain protective underlayments
  2. Underlayments
  3. Shingle starter
  4. Cements & sealants
  5. Heritage shingle options
  6. Ventilation
  7. Hip & ridge shingles

Heritage? 30 year limited warranty

  • standard {4 nail} application 110 mph wind warranty
  • high wind {6 nail} application 130 mph wind warranty
  • limited wind warranty term = 15 years

Matterhorn Metal Roofing


Matterhorn Metal Roofs are lightweight, ENERGY STAR? rated roofing products in hyper realistic Shake, Slate and Tile profiles. For more information about Matterhorn Roofing products please visit www.matterhornroofing.com

Matterhorn Profiles